Many of us have a difficult time deciding what to give our family and friends at Christmas. The younger the kid is, I find it easier to buy toys. But what do you get the teenage nephew, the father-n-law, or the friend who just seems to have it all? Everyone has a Christmas wish list! Can’t decide??

Tech gifts is your answer!

You can’t go wrong with living in the year 2019 (almost 2020), and not love everything electronic!! Electronics have become our everyday essential, whether it’s our phones to doorbells. This is the life we live in!

I’m here to help you make your search for the perfect gift this Christmas much easier!! Here is a list of some pretty awesome gadgets that will make you the star gift giver!

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1. Tile Stickers

Have you ever lost your TV remote, misplaced your car keys or maybe couldn’t find your cat?!?! Well have no fear Tile’s are here! These nifty gadgets will help you find misplaced items with an app installed on your smartphone. The stickers are the size of a quarter. You can stick one on to your cats name tag and with help of your app locate exactly where they might be hiding. Fantastic right?! My kids ALWAYS hide the TV remote. Now I can place a sticker on the back of the remote and it will beep until it is located. Better yet, you can add Alexa Devices and tell Alexa to ask Tile to find the remote. Genius!! The Tile stickers are newer compared to its cohorts the Tile Slim for use on bigger items, like a laptop, or the Tile Pro for keychains. Amazon has great deals to bundle all Tile products for a discounted price. Why not? Who says you can’t buy yourself something too!

2. Go Cube

Have you ever wanted to solve a rubiks cube, but just can’t figure out how? Well here’s your answer! This updated 21st century model will show you exactly how to solve the once impossible puzzle. Not only will you solve the puzzle, you can compete with others with the use of the installed app. The Go Cube has a variety of mini games that all ages can play for hours of fun. So your 11 year old son who only wants gift cards or money. Well this could be the perfect gift to unwrap this Christmas! Buy him a Go Cube!

3. Furbo Dog Camera

This is a perfect gift for all those pet lovers! The Furbo is a camera that you can set up, so you can watch and even talk with your dog while your away. The Furbo even allows you to dispense dog treats to your pet. It can also send barking notifications right to your phone. A great help, to know exactly why he’s barking, someone breaking into your house?? I hope not! The Furbo is also ideal for pets with separation anxiety. Now you can talk with your dog right through the Furbo.

4. Obe ProBowl Smart Dog Food Bowl

This Bowl is amazing!! The ProBowl will allow you to enter your dogs details, food type and along with Vet research placed in the app, it will show you the exact amount of food your dog needs. Does your dog need to loose extra weight? The Obe will keep him/her on the right track to a healthier lifestyle. DID ANYONE FEED THE DOG? No need to text 10 different people, it will show you when they were fed and the bowl will light up red if dinner was already served. Running out of dog food? The ProBowl can even order more with the help of the downloaded app. Link it right to your Amazon Prime account and it will be there in no time! The Obe ProBowl is ideal for all dog owners!!

5. BISECU Smart Bike Lock

The BISECU Smart Bike Lock is pretty genius. Its a small device you attach to your front wheel. With the help of your smartphone and the app, the BISECU will automatically lock the wheel in place when you walk away. It has a built in alarm that will sound at 100dB if the lock is being tampered with. Once you arrive at your bike, it will unlock on its own, if your phone is nearby. The bike lock will also track your speed, distance and calories burned! Win Win for ALL! Great gift idea for teens, who forget to lock up their bikes, but usually don’t forget their phones! The BISECU Smart Bike Lock will do it for them, no remembering needed.

6. Iphone 11

Need I say anymore? This whole post is everything tech-related. If you scroll through my list, everything needs an app and, well, apps need a smartphone. What better smartphone to get than the iPhone 11. Its sleek, water resistant and the camera! Holy cow the camera is why you buy the Iphone 11. The triple lenses allow you to take photos at 3 different distances and uses 4K video. This gift should be for the special person in your life, how about your mom! With the gift of the IPhone 11, you will be her favorite child for sure!!


Ever have the check engine light go on and just wonder how much is this going to cost me? FIXD is a device that will go into the dashboard of your gas driven vehicle and tell you exactly in plain English why the light is on. No more hassle going to the mechanic and spending an obscene amount of money for something that may be an easy fix. FIXD will send you estimated costs, so you can take the worry out of being scammed. It will also show you future vehicle maintenance needed to keep your car in good shape. FIXD is a great tool for anyone who drives!

8. MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener

The MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener will allow you to open and close your garage doors from anywhere using their app. The Smart Garage Door Opener will send you notifications in real time when opened or closed. Great for those whose kids come home from school and enter the house through the garage door. No need to worry if they are safely inside, you can find out right from your phone. The notifications are great when you forget if you closed the door or left it open. MyQ is smart for the busy and forgetful family member.

9. The Photostck 128

This device is priceless!! I’m sure, just like myself your iCloud is maxed out with photos and videos. The Photostick is a clever gadget!! When inserted into the port of either your MAC or PC and with the click of a button, all your photos and video will be downloaded to this USB. The photostick will search your computer and do all the work for you. No need to direct it to your photo albums. Photostick is a smart idea for all those picture takers!

10. Ring Video doorbell

I love the Ring Doorbell. Especially during the Christmas season. Look at all those awesome tech gifts you just ordered through Amazon. Now with the Ring Doorbell you can see exactly when it arrived, even talk with the delivery person all through the video and speaker on the Ring. It will record any motion detected by your door and you can watch it through the ring app, even if your not home! You can answer the door all while sitting on your couch with the Ring Doorbell. Hands down this is my favorite gift of all! Give the gift of security with Ring!

I hope you found my list to be helpful. I know I already have majority of my Christmas list done, all thanks to these genius tech gifts! Happy shopping and happy holidays! Thanks for reading this post by Mom Ambitions!