Choosing to nurse your baby is a very personal choice that should be made by yourself and your family. Breastfeeding can be challenging and discouraging at times, but it will be rewarding.

When shopping for baby, things can quickly get out of control. Everyone feels the need to buy everything, thinking this will help with the stresses of being a new mom.

Whether you are raising boys, girls or raising twins, you do not need to buy out the whole store! Knowing what the essentials are to raise you child will help tremendously! As for the nursing mom, these essentials needed for breastfeeding will be key to success.

With nursing 4 of my own, I realized what nursing essentials truly helped me and some I found that did not benefit us. We all know the benefits of breastfeeding are great. Now we need to find out the equipment you need to make it effective!

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Essentials for mom

Utilizing some good nursing tips and advice along with these essentials will tremendously help everyone in your breastfeeding journey.

Let us start off with mom first! Besides without mom, there would be no baby, no primary feeding source, so why not!

Let us jump right to it……

Nursing nightgown

This was hands down one of my favorite gifts. I never thought the need ever purchase one. But let me tell you…….

It is brilliant!!!

Getting out of that hideous hospital gown, made me feel human again. The nightgown gave so much comfort. The soft feel of the cotton felt great along my cesarian wound and the ease of nursing my son was impeccable!

After deliveries, moms have a sense of wanting to feel back to “normal” as much as possible. With these gowns it gives you a small sense of that again. The small opening gives you easier access to nurse without having to disrobe entirely!

Nursing bras

These bras are very different from your everyday ones. It gives you a small flap in the front by your breast to easily clip down to feed your baby. No need to take your whole bra off to nurse.

This helps you feed discreetly when guests are over. The support and comfort are stronger. The added weight you gain with your milk gives you “more to carry around.” This helps to alleviate a bunch of this added strain put on you back.

Nursing Cover

Nursing covers are great for feeding in a public places and/or around guests. This will help cover yourself from everyone while nursing. It still gives you the ability to see and check on your baby. The soft fabric gives them a breathable environment too.

Best thing about this cover is it has multiple uses. No need to purchase a separate cover for you baby carrier. You can use this cover to stretch out over it to keep them shielded from the outdoor elements.

It can also be used as a shopping cart cover, for the stroller as a sun shade and feeding chair cover, just to name a few.

Nursing pads

Pads are great to wear for those untimely leaks. These will prevent your milk from leaking onto your bra and eventually through your clothes. Breastmilk stains are not the best and it can be embarassing if your breast leaks in public.

With these pads, it takes away the worry of leaking. With some cases you might not even know that it happened.

I used these all the time, especially when I went back to work. I worked in pediatrics.

Yes when babies cry, I leaked!


It was embarrassing. Another mother recommended these to me and I was sold. It also helped for those days when I was away from my baby a little longer than expected. When that happened, I would get engorged and would leak at those times as well.

Boppy Pillow

If you read any of my other posts, I always mention the bobby pillow for feeding. When I was taking care of my twins solo, this pillow saved me!

It gives added support to your feeding infant and frees up your hands. This allows for your arms not to become numb and gives much relief to those moms with carpel tunnel.

It can have multiple uses also. You can lay baby in it on the ground for back support, while playing with them. As they grow, this can help with tummy time.

Nipple Cream

With the amount of time nursing, your breast may get sore and dry. Having nipple cream can help soothe and comfort your breasts. This cream may be used before and after nursing.

I was cautious, so I would wipe the cream off shortly before I nursed. Then put some on directly after. It does not have an oder and did not burn for me. I personally only used Lansinoh products. But there are many others on the market to choose from.

Breast Pump

If you have the means, buy a breast pump! I kept my medela breast pump for all 4 of my babies. It still works today! Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a working mother, pumps are an essential to the nursing mom!

Once your baby gets older, feedings may not be as frequent. During nap times pumping one breast and storing the milk can help your spouse, caretakers and even up your milk supply!

If you should happen to go out and spend some quality me time, someone else like your spouse, can feed your baby. If you are going back to work you can pump and freeze your milk so your child care taker can feed them.

Pumping also can help increase your milk supply. With my twins, I pumped every 2 hours in the beginning. In my case my twins were premature and were kept in an incubator in the NICU. So the nurses would feed them bottles of my breastmilk. The constant pumping kept my supply increasing. I had well over 2 months of milk stored in my freezer for when they came home.

Breast Pump Wipes

Wipes come in handy for those pumping away from home. After using the pump, you can use these wipes to clean off your equipment. When at home, you can sanitize your pump accessaries when able.

At work it can be hard to get pumping time for some moms. With the help of these wipes, you can start the process of cleaning then do a thorough job later.

Milk Storage Bags

As mentioned above, I would store my milk in the freezer. I could pump directly into these bags if I wanted to. Use a sharpie to label the quantity, and date/time right onto the bag. Lay them flat and freeze.

Instant storage!!

For moms retuning to work, it makes it simple to pump your milk directly into the bag and put into the fridge or freezer when at home. These bags make it easy to defrost the milk too.

Bedside Bassinet

Bassinet or small cribs are a great start to have in your bedroom. That way you can keep watch on you child during the night easier than having to walk to another room.

With a bedside sleeper, it makes it easier to feed your baby during the night. These sleepers allow for less disturbance of your child. Allowing them to sleep faster after they feed.

This sleeper will provide a more comfortable position to side nursing. Where you are laying down along side your child and they are nursing beside you.

Remember that you you do not need to go out and buy the whole store when your baby comes. Same goes for buying nursing products. Keep in mind the list above and tailor to what is more focused to your individual needs.

Use this list as a starting point to help you get on your way to a successful breastfeeding experience with your baby!

Thanks for reading!

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