When my alarm clock goes off in the morning all I want to do is hit snooze.  Unfortunately, I do several times before I get my lazy self out of bed.  I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, put my face on and try to look like a functional human being.  When I am all done, I look at myself in the mirror.  Not because I’m vain or anything, but to give myself a pep talk.  Yes I am a mom and we moms talk to ourselves. I hate to admit it, but I do. Often!  You got this!  Its going to be the best morning EVER! I hope.   Its go time…..ah no, wait a minute, you’re crazy?!?! Where’s the coffee?  That’s right, coffee then its go time.

My mornings are crazy. Let me rephrase, INSANE!!  I have 4 kids, including twins, and myself, to get ready in the morning.  Trying to be on time for buses, school start times and getting to work when scheduled.  The stress level is at its highest when the sun comes up.  Sure I do a lot of my prep at night.  Lunches, clothes and book bags are all set out.  This really helps when time is limited to plan ahead and believe me I always do.  Of course we all know that planning with children, of any age, doesn’t always goes as planned.  That is when my best morning EVER just turned  into my worst nightmare.  Wake up! I’m tired mom.  Put your clothes on!  I don’t want to wear that.  Brush your teeth!  I don’t feel like it.  What do you want for breakfast?  Toast, eggs, cereal, pudding.  

Wait what????

Pudding, don’t even go there!

The struggles in the morning are real.  You dress, groom and act like a short order cook for your kids.  All alone! I resent my husband on mornings like this.  Why is he so lucky he gets to leave for work before the kids even wake up?  When I’m lucky if I get to work on time! I wish I can be him.  Get yourself ready, drink coffee in peace and leave when your done. Easy! Well…….

I am the beginning parent. My husband is not.  There are days he leaves at 5 am and doesn’t get home till 10 pm. Besides being exhausted, he doesn’t see his kids.  I see them and I start their day with them. I kiss their foreheads and rub their backs whispering good morning.  Sometimes I sing my rendition of Good Morning to my oldest to wake him up (Debbie Reynolds did it best) , but I am there.  I get them and their dad doesn’t.

I realize that time goes so fast that these chaotic days will soon be gone.  No kisses, hugs and sweet conversations during breakfasts.  Sure the screams and tantrums won’t be there, but I know me

I WILL miss this!

When you feel like everything is closing in on you, just pause. Take a deep breath and try to slow it down.  Our lives are so busy that we stress on being fast at everything.  Always in a hurry.  We all want to work fast, but yet the quality of work has to be great.  Shouldn’t that work with our kids? Have an efficient morning, with the quality of investing our time with our kids? You are lucky being the beginning parent! The strong hugs and sweet kisses at the bus stop are priceless. My husband can only dream of starting his day, with a big hug from his baby girl! All mornings will not be tough. It gets better and better. When my kids blow me a kiss and say I love you mom, lets  me know that I am a very fortunate beginning parent!