As parents we all try and do whats best for our child. Parenting and failure is not an option. So we try all the parenting advice others give us on raising our boys and girls. We feed them fruits and veggies, teach them respect and responsibility, and so on and so on!

What I soon learned is that no one gave me one of the best parenting tips. I had to learn this one on my own. Unfortunately, I had to learn it the hard way. This is by far the scariest thing for a parent! For you, my fellow moms, you can fix it before it happens! Let me explain……..

When my husband and I purchased our new home, he quickly picked the side of the bed farthest from the door. Ok. No big deal! I really did want that side closest to the window. Of course that turned into a “disagreement.” Somehow he won that battle. His reasoning is because he is “a side sleeper!” Fine! I kept thinking well this isn’t so bad! I could always turn the fan on if I’m hot at night. I’m closer to the bathroom. God knows I have to use it all the time because I had a child! And well that caused others issues, but on with the current story. Well this was my thought before I had MORE children. Twins in fact! Yes number 3 and 4 were twins, a boy and a girl. Thats when it all changed!

That side of the bed is more appealing to me now. I have more kids and experienced a lot more than a mom with one child. I guess they call me an experienced older mom. So now deep down I keep thinking, “Why is he so lucky to choose the most coveted side of the bed?” I mean now as an experienced mom, I know that this side of the bed is real-estate gold, the bees knees, coffee with a shot of whiskey, a whole bottle of wine! And he got it simply because he is “a side sleeper!!!”

C’mon brah?!?

Some of you may ask whats the big deal? Well read carefully my fellow moms. This WILL be the best parenting tip you will ever receive. Please take this from me a mom of 4! This tip will help save you from the scariest thing a parent can witness. Let me share with you a story or scenario, if you will.

Picture this….

The Scariest Thing for a Parent

After a long exhausting day, all you want is your bed. After you hit the pillow, you watch some mindless television to decompress, and in minutes fall fast asleep. Quickly your dreaming. Thinking of your toes in the sand, the sun on your face and a cocktail in hand. When all of a sudden you hear a faint noise. You look around in your dream, but there’s no one there. Now the sound becomes louder and drawn out. You start to hear a voice in a deep whisper. Mom-eeeeee, mom-eeee. It keeps repeating the same thing over and over again. It draws out the word even more and in a deeper whisper than before.

Mom-eeeeeeeeee, Mom-eeeeeeeeee.

You want it to stop. Why can’t I tan in peace, why are you torturing me? WHY? Then you realize you are having a nightmare. You slowly start to open your eyes. You start to look up and you still hear that same creepy whisper, Mom-eeee! Then you see a ghostly figure, a silhouette of some kind. Am I still dreaming? You realize your awake and that figure is now hovering above you. You scream and jump back. You start to rub your eyes trying to focus at what lays in front of you. OMG! What is that? Now you start to see a little bit clearer. You start to scream again! You look over at your husband. He’s still sleeping on his side of the bed. It becomes obviously more apparent that a bomb could be dropped on your house and that man will still stay asleep.

“Good God!”, you shriek.

You turn back around to your side. You forgot about that thing that was hovering over you. Wake up sleepy eyes! Let me focus!! What in the world is this ghostly figure and what do they want from me?

“Mom, can I have a glass of water?”

Yes, that my friend is a toddler in the middle of the night. One who will creep over to the parent closest to the door and ask them for something stupid at 3:00 AM! I have watched my fair share of scary movies, but this is by far the scariest thing ever for a parent. Toddlers creeping around in the middle of the night, not making a peep until they hover above you, whispering your name. UUUGGGHHHH!

No joke my friends. This happens to me often. When it does, I scream EVERY flippin’ time! As for the husband, he sleeps through it all, even the scream, EVERY flippin’ time! My 3-year-old daughter is very petite and very blonde. You know where I’m going with this? Thats right, Children of the Corn people!! In my house! My daughter, also known to us all as “the creeper”, will hide in corners, stand in doorways, all in complete darkness. When you see her silhouette in the doorway all I can think of is, The Shining with those scary twin girls (remember she is a twin).

Super freaky!

Some may beg to differ on what scares them most. Trust me when I say this, they will haunt you and they will surprise you. They become relentless at night. All for that cup of water, their blanket fell off the bed or they forgot to tell you something during your normal “business” hours. Nighttime seems to be a playtime for toddlers. No Joke! You think you just mastered getting your infant to sleep as a new mom. Then BAM! They still wake you up at night. For all the moms and those who wish to be moms one day, here are my words of wisdom from a mom of 4, choose your bedside wisely and always be aware of …..

    Sorry for the grainy picture, but this is my actual daughter hiding by the door at 3 am! Wouldn’t that freak you out in the middle of the night too?!